About Our Company Work

Fortune Enterprise established 2001, is family owned company and managed business with experienced, friendly staff that always endeavors to satisfy our customers’ needs, also supported by almost 100 of skillful crafts man, which are covered by Quality System Management to make sure that quality was rooted permanently in all aspects of its production. We always try to customize our products to your specific needs. And we can also arrange exclusive right for our customer to distribute our products in based on one-to one negotiation.

Company Achievement

Chosen to be yearly for "International Europe Award for Quality – New Millenium Award", 2004 By Editorial office and trade leader club, madrid

Awarded "Asean Development Citra Award", 2004-2005 by Asean Programme Consultant.

Awarded "Asean Best Executive Citra Award", 2004-2005 by Asean Programme Consultant

Our Company

Research and development product

Our research and development team supported by skillful artisans employee and graphics designers which use state of the art sofware and hardware to make design process as fun, accurate and simple

Product strength

Esthetic archipelago style for all kind with plantation woven furniture such as sea grass, waterhyacinth and other natural material. All of raw material have passed selection, and product quality applying best management and control product system consist of several layer checkpoint.

How to Order

Order confirmation

All orders placed are confirmed by fax and must be signed and faxed back to Fortune Enterprise, CV., in order to be considered a firm order. Once an order confirmation has been signed and faxed, the order cannot be cancelled. Fortune Enterprise retains the right to accept changes in confirmed orders up to a maximum of 7 days after the receipt of the signed order confirmation. Minimum order is 1x40 FT One container should be maximum consist of 15 items.


In such cases as an order is deemed in sufficient to fill a container, Fortune Enterprise shall inform the customer and request additional items to be ordered. Such additional items should be ordered within 5 working days of receipt of a request for additional items. Should the customers fail to provide an order for additional items, Fortune Enterprise. Reserves the right to either add additional items at its own discretion (for which the shall be bound to pay), or cancel the order.

Over-ordering and backorders

In such cases as an order exceeds one container, but is deemed insufficient for two containers, Fortune Enterprise. Shall inform the customer and request a list of items to be excluded from the order. Such list must be faxed to fortune enterprise. Within 5 working days of receipt of a request for such list. Should the customer fail to provide such list, Fortune Enterprais. Reserves the right to exclude items at its own discretion. Customers may indicate if they wish excluded items to be considered as backorders shall always take precedence over any new order received.


There are two ways of payment terms

  • By T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
    Payment by T/T shall be with deposit 30 – 50% from total Value and should be transferred within one week of the performa invoice date and the signed performa received by Fortune Enterprise. The rest of payment should be transferred after the container shipped on Board and B/L faxed to buyer and due within 17 working days of the container invoice date. Fortune Enterprise reserve the right to hold documents up to the rest of payment is received. All payment transfer copy should be faxed or emailed to Fortune Enterprise.

  • By L/C (Letter of Credit)
    L/C conditions should be : irrevocable, at sight L/C available with any bank in Indonesia by negotiation at sight.

Inability to take possession of container

If for any reason a customer cannot take possession of an ordered container once it has reached its destination, then the customer shall be held responsible for all cost incurred.

Customer complaints

Complaints about quality of container contents shall be accepted if they total more than 5% of the total value (before any discounts) of the container; such claimsmust be made within 3 (three) weeks of receipt of the container. All claims must be accompanied by full documentation (as describe in the supplement, below) and third party corroboration. Fortune Enterprise, reserves the right to reject any claims not supported by full documentation and third party corroboration. Any approved compensation and/or credits shall be given to customer in the form of credit on a future container. Claims received after 3 (three) weeks shall be counted as void, regardless of their value.



welcomeabout our companyour best productmaterial and fabricsend us email For the purpose of determining extent of damages and appropriate compensation, documentation of claims must consist of the following :

  • A completed “Damage Report” form, supplied by Fortune Enterprise for each item, plus

  • A photo of each damaged item showing the specific damage or defect, plus

Delivery terms

All items are made out base on order enquiries with the lead time 45 days after confirmed order in normal condition.

Working hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm

  • Saturday - Sunday - Closed