A half pole rattan

One of most popular rattan is called a half  pole rattan in which this material is original from raw material that have skin and then trough poles machine remove outer skin to be a half pole rattan which still have a half skin. This materials can be used for indoor and a half outdoor and have smooth surface and strong.

It has more natural touch  and esthetical value and tend to have better resistant to insect compared to pole rattan.

For whom love to stay outdoor ,this rattan will look elegant and Natural.

It can be colored although not as good as  pole rattan . Value for [...]

Home Improvement Ideas with Rattan Furniture Set

For those who have a plan to remodel a particular room at home and you still get confused about the best thing to do, you can try to add a rattan furniture set. This type of furniture is flexible and easy to mix and match with your favorite items and style. Just check the home decor ideas with rattan furniture set below for your inspiration. All of the ideas are simple and easy to apply so you can do it right away after reading this article.  

Rattan Porch Set 

You may create a comfortable indoor or outdoor living room with rattan porch set. The furniture gives a sense of warm and cozy in the living room. You may combine the rattan porch with wooden or bamboo sofa or [...]

Learn the Best Rattan before Checking the Rattan Furniture Sale

Rattan is one of the most popular materials in the furniture industry. This material is used because of its durability and many other benefits. The article below explains to you about the important thing you should know before searching for a rattan furniture sale. As a result, you will get the best rattan furniture to create a cozy room at home. 

The Special Things about Rattan Furniture 

Some home designers recommend rattan furniture to their clients. They recommend it because of its specialty. Rattan is a durable material in which it is waterproof and UV light-resistant. Due to this specialty, this type of furniture is suitable for outdoor or indoor. Rattan furniture is [...]

Natural and Cirebon Furniture Rattan

Travelling, getting new experiences, and buying the best rattan furniture for your home, sounds interesting does not it? In Indonesia there is a village in Cirebon named Tegal Wangi that almost all of the villagers make rattan furniture Cirebon as their jobs. If you are visiting this village, you will get the new experience which is you will be able to see the process of making the rattan furniture Cirebon from the beginning until the last process. Do not worry if you can not come here to buy one because they can send it to you since there are rattan furniture exporters that will send the furniture, this village is usually exported 1200 containers per month. Another activity that you can [...]

Things About Synthetic and Furniture Outdoor Rattan

Furniture is one of the items that is needed in a building, without the furniture we can not use the building properly. So we can say that furniture is very important for all of the buildings, chairs, tables, cupboard, sofas, and something like that. Basically, there are a lot of things that are used to make the furniture, start from the wood, plastic, rattan, and other things. But this article is going to talk about and the rattan, there will be two main information here which are about the rattan furniture outdoor and rattan synthetic. If you are going to buy the furniture that uses the rattan synthetic, here are the advantages that you will get if you decided to choose the furniture [...]

Banana Leaves Furniture

Banana Leaves furniture adds a natural, inexperienced ambience to your house. This wicker furnishings is created from the dried out, property fibers of the banana fallen leave plant, tangled right into a rope and conjointly woven over a furniture structure to develop cozy seats, elegant tables and sensible ottomans Wicker banana fallen leave furnishings will would like a touch little bit of distinctive care so as to stay its visual attract and conjointly valuable life.

Furniture Positioning

Put your wicker furniture within or within a coated outside space to secure it from the weather. Since banana fallen leave furnishings contains natural fibers, the climate might harm home [...]

Modern Rattan Chair

Modern rattan chair assortment. Associate in Nursing improbably sized seat and conjointly an enjoyable ancient vogue create this Rattan chair is one amongst our ideal merchandising things. It is an amazing interior decoration sweetening to any reasonably space of your house. The durable frame is created of atomic number 13. Our style is very snug and offers you prime quality models.

Modern rattan chair at Rattan Cirebon supply a contemporary suggests that to place inside and outdoors. whereas shaking chairs may have return 1st, the movements of a swivel ar presumably way more restful, and lots of of our showcased chairs compound the comfort by [...]

Rattan Furniture Cirebon: Home of Indonesian Rattan Manufacturers

Rattan Cirebon is not a new product in both domestic and international markets. It has earned its fame a long time ago since rattan attracted the public interest due to its strength yet flexibility to be used as furniture. It is not exaggerating to say that this city even represents Indonesia as one of the most well-known rattan furniture vendors in the world.

Rattan has been functioned as the primary material in furniture since the early 20th century. Its popularity arises as it is able to come in various curving forms. Its lightweight also adds up to its positive value. Furthermore, it can survive any conditions and temperatures.

However, all of those values attached to the [...]

Rattan: The Origin and Best Rattan Furniture Ideas for Outdoor Space

Have you ever heard of rattan? Do you even have something made of it in your place? Or perhaps, you are now in the middle of searching for rattan furniture and you need some ideas? This can be your best stop to know more about rattan. This type of material has been used for a long time ago and it is famous either for indoor or outdoor use. Here we are going to learn the history of it and then we will give you some of the best ideas if you are looking for rattan furniture to be placed outdoor.

Facts and Origin of Rattan

Rattan is a vine plant, meaning it is the climbing type. It is included in the family of palm and there are more than six hundred species of it. the stalks [...]

The Reason Why Synthetic Rattan Furniture Must Be in Your Home

Are you looking for furniture that is right for your home? If so, synthetic rattan furniture can be an option for you. There are so many furniture made from rattan such as guest table chairs, dining table chairs, and lazy chairs for example. Rattan furniture is now a trend for some circles to complement the interior design of their homes. Not only private home users who like this rattan furniture, but also used by property managers such as hotels, villas, guesthouses or guesthouses, boarding houses, to famous restaurants. This is because rattan furniture does not require too high a cost to get a good and strong furniture with an attractive design of course.

If the concept of your [...]

Natural Kubu Rattan

Kubu rattan basket. Produced using All-common Kubu rattan
material, this cutting edge style will completely improve any kind of kind of
room zone in your home. This choice right now get from its own one of a kind
side and furthermore different other bin yet thing amazing from the distinctive
other gathering also immaculately coordinate this choice.

Kubu rattan basket has really been broad chosen among all
house or rental habitation proprietor searching for conscious alongside
normally hued structure. This Kubu rattan basket whose the shading is right now
dark in nature. In addition, our mindful [...]

Rattan Furniture Manufacturer on Cirebon

Rattan furniture. Rattan Furniture Cirebon has in certainty
been a pro maker of extraordinary rattan bistro chairs discount for the various
years. It is the main wellspring of useful just as long haul workmanship,
experienced with the pertinence of Parisian love for the American house and
furthermore feasting foundation.

Our hand-made Rattan furniture, defecation alongside tables
are the indistinguishable ones that have really been the trademark of the
Parisian café life for over a century. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Sartre and
furthermore Picasso among others savants alongside artists of the 30s, [...]

Cleaning Rattan Furniture

Round rattan placemats should shield your eating table from
any scratch and warmth from the plates or dishes on the table. Other than
rattan, there are different materials normally utilized for a placemat. Be that
as it may, a few people want to utilize rattan as their placemat material
because of its excellence and different contemplations, particularly with
regards to style and hues.

Anyway, how would we wash the placemats when it got soil.
All things considered, the means of washing a placemat rely upon the materials
in any case. On the off chance that you have round Rattan placemats the [...]

Everything about Rattan Furniture

The industry of furniture develops material from rattan as their raw material source for several products. Rattan can be used as single source or people can combine it with other types of material to create furniture.  Many people have assumption that rattan furniture is similar with wicker furniture. Both of them relates with outdoor and indoor furniture. The truth tells differently. Rattan furniture and wicker furniture belongs to same category. However they share dissimilar remarkable aspect. Rattan is the strongest type of wood. It can grow up very high. It possibly reaches hundred feet. People can easily find rattan in forest. Rattan has the shape of pole with various diameters. [...]

The Unique Production of Rattan Furniture Cirebon

Cirebon is one of the unique cities in Indonesia. This city is located on the border of West Java and Central Java province. That makes this city has a unique combination between the culture in West Java and Central Java. This unique combination also affects their local products, especially the rattan furniture cirebon. This is also one of many reasons, why the rattan furniture from Cirebon has unique design and become one of the most popular Indonesian furniture products. But, that’s not all.

The Production Process

The rattan industry in Cirebon uses the traditional method to produce its product. This is one of many reasons for the quality product that this industry [...]

The Best Things about Rattan Furniture Indonesia

Speaking about vacation, indonesia will always come as one of the most recommended destinations. The tropical climate and unique culture and art are waiting in this country. However, Indonesia isn’t only a country perfect for a vacation destination. Its furniture product is also considered to be the best on the market. It’s including the rattan furniture from this country.

The Advantages of Indonesian Rattan Furniture 

Why did rattan furniture indonesia considered being the best? The rattan furniture from Indonesia has many benefits compared to a similar product from other countries. Here are some of them.

-      Environmental Friendlier

Rattan is a type [...]

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