Rattan Furniture Cirebon: Home of Indonesian Rattan Manufacturers

Rattan Furniture Cirebon: Home of Indonesian Rattan Manufacturers

Rattan Cirebon is not a new product in both domestic and international markets. It has earned its fame a long time ago since rattan attracted the public interest due to its strength yet flexibility to be used as furniture. It is not exaggerating to say that this city even represents Indonesia as one of the most well-known rattan furniture vendors in the world.

Rattan has been functioned as the primary material in furniture since the early 20th century. Its popularity arises as it is able to come in various curving forms. Its lightweight also adds up to its positive value. Furthermore, it can survive any conditions and temperatures.

However, all of those values attached to the rattan can only be well developed once the material is in the right hands. Cirebon is home for talented, creative, and experienced manufacturers. Their ability in coping with this material has been passed from one generation to another. No wonder, rattan Cirebon is worth every penny you wish to invest for your furniture.

Rattan Cirebon and International Market

Rattan is a native plant to the tropical forests in Asia. Indonesia is one of many countries in Asia that is rich for this jewel. Forests deep in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatera, and Papua are the primary sources for this commodity. They contribute to approximately 90% of material in rattan Cirebon.

Cirebon indeed does not harvest its own raw material for its rattan industry. They depend highly on the forests outside the island to manufacture their wicker-based products. This case somehow raised a serious issue a few years ago as rattan raw material was mostly exported. Rattan Cirebon struggled to survive. A drastically decrease the number of products manufactured in this city has made some of its people chose other occupations to live the life.

In spite of those ups and downs, rattan Cirebon does not lose its quality. Its strong and durable products have been widely recognized worldwide. That is why, even though the number of rattan furniture does not strike as high as it was in the old times, the international market is still waiting for their products. Customers of their rattan products are spread in Asia, America, Europe, as well as Africa. 

Being a part of the global market is not an easy thing. Quality control of the products has definitely become the top point. Therefore, it is wise enough to conclude that rattan Cirebon marks the best vendors of rattan furniture in Indonesia. 

Rattan Wholesale Products

There are several regions in Cirebon that become the headquarters of rattan manufacturers. Tegalwangi is one of those famous areas. The majority of its people work in the rattan industry. 90% of around 10,000 people here have the skills to create the frame, the wicker and to make the ornament as well. The heart of rattan furniture indeed lies in the home industry.

Even though rattan furniture products are hand made, come from home industry, and are not mass-produced, Cirebon is a home for rattan wholesale products. Both domestic and international buyers are able to buy the products at a massive party. Thousands of containers are sent merely from a region like Tegalwangi.

Rattan wholesale products are used for various purposes. Some use it for furnishing certain needs in hotels, villas, and house projects. Some others make use of this rattan wholesale purchasing to earn money by reselling it to others.

Buying rattan furniture and products at a huge party definitely cost you a special price. Some rattan companies even promise a very interesting price tag on their official website for a rattan wholesale purchasing. The thing about buying stuff in a bulky number is you have to know the product very well. It is advisable for this kind of purchasing to visit the manufacturer directly. 

A Rich Variety of Products

Not only high-quality rattan products that make rattan Cirebon have a place in the international market but its rich variety of products also matters. The products do not come within the count of your fingers. Rattan industry in this city takes it seriously when it comes to rattan business. They keep developing their creativity to make the products fresh.

Dining set, living room set, and bedroom set, you can find them all being produced by the manufacturers in this city. Various models will also enrich your options. Not to mention the colors they apply to the products.

You can also find kids furniture made from rattan. If you are into natural stuff around your house, this can be the perfect thing to pick. Additionally, it also adds up to the unique and exotic element surround you and your family.

This rich variety of rattan products are getting more interesting as they are polished by a modern touch in terms of design. Having nature-based furniture will no longer be odd and outdated. Some designs remain in classic look for those who do not want to change the image of rattan furniture.

If you do not find any design that satisfies your needs and taste, you do not need to worry. The manufacturers here have the limitless skills to bring your idea to come true. Some company allows you to have your own design to be made by the rattan manufacturers. 

Easy Access to Reach

In this era, almost all aspects of life get touched by the advanced of technology. Rattan Cirebon makes use of it as well to support the industry. The traditional ways of introducing and selling the products are no longer used as the main way. Some rattan companies and manufacturers indeed build their showrooms. Yet those showrooms are used mostly for a client visit.

People in the rattan industry make themselves easily accessed by having official sites. That way, the global market can be reached. They also put their marketing people online during office hours. Buyers or clients will therefore get a fast response from the company.

The site also serves a retail buyer or rattan wholesale purchasing. Interactive marketing people will facilitate your questions dealing with the products. This easy access definitely plays a role in the increasing number of rattan sales.

Getting high-quality products overseas is no longer an impossible thing to do. This modern era has brought easiness along in the daily lives. Rattan Cirebon is one of the best products that can be part of your home. Rattan wholesale purchasing is also available if you wish to use the nature-based products for your work projects.

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