The Best Things about Rattan Furniture Indonesia

The Best Things about Rattan Furniture Indonesia

Speaking about vacation, indonesia will always come as one of the most recommended destinations. The tropical climate and unique culture and art are waiting in this country. However, Indonesia isn’t only a country perfect for a vacation destination. Its furniture product is also considered to be the best on the market. It’s including the rattan furniture from this country.

The Advantages of Indonesian Rattan Furniture 

Why did rattan furniture indonesia considered being the best? The rattan furniture from Indonesia has many benefits compared to a similar product from other countries. Here are some of them.

-      Environmental Friendlier

Rattan is a type of fiber that is harvested from a certain type of palm tree. And, Indonesia is located in the tropical climate area where these trees are easy to grow and plant. Therefore, the rattan material itself is one of the most environmental friendlier materials for furniture. With the abundant resource as well as much easier to replant in Indonesia, the rattan furniture from this country has a better value in the environmental friendlier department.

Moreover, the material also is easy to get, plus it doesn’t require many transportations and long-distance journey to carry it to the manufacturing spot. This condition won’t consume too many fossil fuels that contribute the most on global warming. So, efficient transportation means it is good for the environment.

It’s not only about transportation. Many rattan furniture manufacturers in Indonesia still use the traditional method to process the rattan to turn it into furniture material. This method uses a less chemical substance, so it doesn’t damage the environment that much. 

-      Beautiful and Unique Design

Indonesia is a country that consists of thousand islands. In this country, there are hundreds of tribes, culture and tradition. And, this plurality offers different kind of design that the rattan craftsman use on the rattan furniture they make. This creates a different appearance and more options for a customer who wants to buy rattan furniture from Indonesia manufacturer.

Moreover, the design is different between each area. The rattan that was produced in West Java has a different style than those that come from the manufacturer in Central Java, even though these two areas are located close to each other. This is another reason why many customers love the rattan furniture from Indonesia. 

The unique design isn’t only about appearance. However, many rattan furniture products from Indonesia also use comfortable design. In short, the Indonesian rattan furniture isn’t only about the beautiful and artistic appearance. But, its functionality also is another reason why the product from this country becomes one of the best choices on the market.

-      Artistic

Nowadays, many kinds of rattan furniture from Indonesia are factory-made. This product type is easy to find on the store and the type that is exported to other countries. However, there are still many traditional workshops that operate in Indonesia. They are using the traditional method to make the furniture from rattan, from waving, break, cut and other rattan furniture production steps. 

Mostly, they also handmade all their furniture products, which make every product they sell isn’t similar to each other. This adds the exclusiveness and artistic value on the product, which increases the total value of the product. 

The value of these artistic rattan furniture products is also increasing several folds because it is pretty difficult to send to other countries. The customer needs to order directly to the craftsman and even visit the workshop directly to ask for the furniture that they want. Then, they also deal with the shipping as well, which make the value increase even more.

However, the most important point that makes rattan furniture from Indonesia has high artistic value is how the design is chosen. The craftsman or artisan that makes the furniture doesn’t only choose the design they want to use on the furniture. The design, especially traditional design, is made by implementing the local’s life value, just like other traditional artwork in Indonesia. 

-      Durable and Easy to Maintain

Even though most of the rattan furniture in Indonesia is made by using the traditional method, they have high durability. It can last for many years and even century. The quality of the rattan material used for the furniture also affects its durability. This is the reason why many people love the rattan product from Indonesia, not only furniture. They only buy it once and it can last for a longer time than other wooden furniture.

The furniture is also easy to maintain. The rattan product from Indonesia is bug-proof and weather-proof. The owner of the furniture just needs to wipe the furniture clean from dust and debris regularly. Once a week, they also can use the damped cloth to “wash” the furniture. By doing it regularly, the furniture condition can be maintained.

The durability and easy to maintain condition make the rattan furniture from Indonesia are perfect for outdoor furniture. Many people use them for their garden. But, many customers of rattan furniture from Indonesia love to use the product for patio. The design is beautiful and it also has durability. So, those two make the furniture that is made of rattan from Indonesia is perfect for this area. 


Rattan furniture from Indonesia has so many benefits as explained above, which also become one of many reasons why people like the product and make it become the best option on the market. However, there are still many obstacles and challenges that the rattan furniture manufacturer in Indonesia to provide their service for the international market, especially about the price.

The unstable currency exchange value today make them has difficulty to decide the correct price for their product. Today, they still need to face this problem and hoping for help from the government to create a more stable market as well as the support from the customer to buy their product. However, there is a brighter future for this industry, especially with a more open market which makes them easily export the furniture product. 

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