This is the best rattan furniture collection, made with the best quality rattan materials and also with good durability. If you need perfect rattan furniture for your place, this is one of the best choice. Rattan Furniture Cirebon will provide you with the most beautiful rattan furniture in Indonesia. All of our products are made with the best rattan materials and also crafted with care to ensure that you get the highest quality rattan furniture. And if you have custom design we will make them for you, please contact us for further info.


All orders placed are confirmed by fax and must be signed and faxed back to Fortune Enterprise, CV., in order to be considered a firm order. Once an order confirmation has been signed and faxed, the order cannot be cancelled. Fortune Enterprise retains the right to accept changes in confirmed orders up to a maximum of 7 days after the receipt of the signed order confirmation. Minimum order is 1x40 FT One container should be maximum consist of 15 items.

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