Rattan: The Origin and Best Rattan Furniture Ideas for Outdoor Space

Rattan: The Origin and Best Rattan Furniture Ideas for Outdoor Space

Have you ever heard of rattan? Do you even have something made of it in your place? Or perhaps, you are now in the middle of searching for rattan furniture and you need some ideas? This can be your best stop to know more about rattan. This type of material has been used for a long time ago and it is famous either for indoor or outdoor use. Here we are going to learn the history of it and then we will give you some of the best ideas if you are looking for rattan furniture to be placed outdoor.

Facts and Origin of Rattan

Rattan is a vine plant, meaning it is the climbing type. It is included in the family of palm and there are more than six hundred species of it. the stalks that the diameter can grow about 2-5 cm is solid and strong. The leaves that look like whip have some kind of tips which are barbed and they act as a support system which will help the plant to climb the trees or other plants up to seek sunlight in the density of rainforest. The stems can grow in high speed and when they are chopped they can replenish fastly.

While the type of rattan is quite various from the one that has short underground stems to the one that can grow long to hundreds of meters, the diameter of the stem is consistent and not getting thinner while growing. This is one more interesting fact, what do you think?

Rattan origin is mostly from tropical countries such as countries in Asia, Africa, and Australia. However about 70% of them are growing in Indonesia and they are mostly located in Kalimantan, Sumatera, and Sulawesi. Rattan trading mainly is done in Java and the city of Cirebon has become the trading and manufacturing center for rattan.

The use of rattan

There are many reasons why rattan is a great material in making furniture such as a rattan chair. Rattan can make a sustainable material because of its ability to grow up to hundreds of meters and can grow fast even after it is harvested. Compared to wood, rattan is much easier to harvest, transport and faster in growth. With its delicate look, rattan can be included in one of the strongest material from nature. While the outer part of the stem is durable and hard, the inner part is soft and it is full of pores. Rattan is a very flexible material with very little possibility of breaking and splitting, makes it ideal and suitable for making rattan furniture. Its ability to receive paints well making it possible to find rattan furniture in many kinds of colors also it can be used to make wicker product from its inner core that has been separated.

Its popularity for making indoor or outdoor furniture makes rattan one of the ultimate options in maximizing the function and the look of your space. If you are looking for ideas on finding the best rattan furniture for your outdoor space, next we are going to find out.

Best Rattan Furniture Ideas for Outdoor Space

In finding the furniture for outdoor space we usually focus on relaxation and fun nuance. We can choose daybeds, lounge sets, even hanging chairs to create a relaxing space to hang out with family and friends in our outdoor. Rattan chairs or rattan furniture can create the best holiday feeling in your outdoor area so you can enjoy the sense of holiday every afternoon in your own place.

1. Cube dining set. The design with 8 seaters that can be transformed into a neat cube is for you whose outdoor space is limited. The design allows you to tuck in the rattan chairs when not used. This smart design is perfect for you, compact and saving space.

2. Hanging day bed. Putting a daybed in your outdoor space is always a brilliant idea. The playful vibe will transform your outdoor in a non-boring place. The rattan daybed should be able to carry the weight of two or three adults, so you and your beloved one can chill out together. You can hang the daybed in the strong tree branch or in its triangular frame.

3. Rattan bistro set. Completed with chairs with a high back and a table, this set is perfect for an afternoon tea-time or just casual lunch. Pick the chairs with wide arms and put cushions on it to add extra comfort for your relaxing time on Sundays.

4. A solo hanging rattan chair. If you do not have that much space for a sharable hanging chair, you can hang up the solo hanging chair for your solo time to relax. Find the cup shape hanging chair for supporting your back and you can add a rug to add comfort while using the chair. You are ready to have the whole afternoon breeze for yourself.

5. Lounge set. A set of sofa with the tables in the middle can make your afternoon chill with your friends feels like on holiday. With some cushions on the sofa, you can chat and share stories while enjoying the togetherness without having to pay much to go to a star hotel in Hawaii.

6. Lounge rattan chair. With low and angled chair legs and the chair body is semi-conical, makes this type of chair a perfect piece for your patio. The high semi-conical shape of the rattan chair makes the chair suitable for your relax time.

Using rattan furniture for outdoor space is great since the durability of the rattan can survive against the harsh outdoor condition. The flexibility of rattan can provide you with a wide range of options so that you can match your needs and the size of your outdoor space with the rattan furniture. The perfect combination of rattan chairs and cushions will make your outdoor space a comfortable relaxing space with a holiday feeling. However you may want to be careful, you may need to put away the cushions when the weather is changing if you have a patio without a roof.

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