The Reason Why Synthetic Rattan Furniture Must Be in Your Home

The Reason Why Synthetic Rattan Furniture Must Be in Your Home

Are you looking for furniture that is right for your home? If so, synthetic rattan furniture can be an option for you. There are so many furniture made from rattan such as guest table chairs, dining table chairs, and lazy chairs for example. Rattan furniture is now a trend for some circles to complement the interior design of their homes. Not only private home users who like this rattan furniture, but also used by property managers such as hotels, villas, guesthouses or guesthouses, boarding houses, to famous restaurants. This is because rattan furniture does not require too high a cost to get a good and strong furniture with an attractive design of course.

If the concept of your home has a natural theme, perhaps the selection of furniture made from rattan material is very suitable than choosing synthetic sofa furniture. Because rattan itself can be combined with natural themes that are applied to your home. In addition, this rattan furniture is also light enough material to be moved. So, if you like changing the position of every furniture in the house or moving house frequently due to work or other reasons, rattan furniture is very suitable because it is very flexible to be moved position. By considering the low price but has good quality, then you are obliged to choose furniture made from rattan for your home.

This is the reason why synthetic rattan is better than natural rattan

Rattan has always been used to make home furniture because of its strong advantages. Therefore, a lot of people like home furniture made of rattan. However, the more advanced technological developments, now the furniture craftsmen began to develop synthetic rattan to meet the needs of its customers who want home furniture products made from rattan. This is done as a way to overcome the limitations of natural rattan, so that synthetic rattan emerges as a solution to the problem. Even so, in fact synthetic rattan has a quality that is not so inferior to natural rattan. You will more often find furniture products made from synthetic rattan than natural rattan in furniture stores because of the advantages it offers. From there, so many people who began to like furniture from synthetic rattan.

Actually there are a few more things that make synthetic rattan better than natural rattan. Some of these include:

1. Environmentally friendly

2. More diverse color and design choices

3. More durable

4. Very easy maintenance

5. Lighter weight

6. A neater form of plait

That way, there is no longer a reason you prefer natural rattan over synthetic rattan. The most important thing here, by choosing synthetic rattan, you have supported the movement to care for the environment, of course.

The ratio between synthetic rattan and natural rattan

If you are interested in finding furniture made of rattan, then you will be chosen with 2 choices, synthetic rattan or natural rattan. Maybe you immediately think of choosing natural rattan over synthetic rattan because you already know that rattan is very strong so natural materials are certainly stronger than artificial materials, such as teak furniture. If you think like that, it looks like you have to think again. In fact, although natural rattan is very strong, synthetic rattan is stronger than natural rattan. This is because synthetic rattan is made of strong plastic and also mixtures of materials that make it stronger and more durable so that it is superior to natural rattan.

Not only that, there are some differences that you should know about the difference between synthetic rattan and natural rattan. When viewed from natural factors, synthetic rattan is certainly more environmentally friendly because it uses plastic, different from natural rattan that actually uses rattan, which affects the amount of existing rattan plants because it continues to be cut down for furniture manufacturing needs. Then, synthetic rattan in its shape is usually neater compared to natural rattan which is usually less neat and looks a few connections are broken and not connected with others.

Why rattan furniture is preferred

There are so many who choose rattan furniture for them to make as room decorations. Starting from offices, hotels, cafes, to resorts, they prefer rattan furniture to sofas. For this reason, rattan furniture is known to be integrated with any place. However, apparently that is only one of the many properties possessed by rattan furniture so that people prefer it over furniture made from others. Rattan furniture, especially synthetic rattan, turns out to have a lighter weight. Because of this, flexibility is the reason for some parties to use it, especially in places that frequently change the position of interior spaces such as cafes or offices.

Rattan furniture is also known as a material that is not easily damaged if exposed to direct sunlight, water, and also safe from termites. Therefore, rattan furniture is also suitable to be placed in outdoor areas such as a sofa bed, set of tables and chairs, and outdoor lounge chairs. For maintenance itself is also not complicated. It is enough to clean with a clean cloth on the dirty part. If you feel the color of rattan furniture has changed then it can be directly repainted.

The advantages of synthetic rattan furniture

Synthetic rattan furniture has become excellent for lovers of interior design. The various advantages offered make it a top choice by various parties when they will start arranging their room decor. For those of you who are curious about the advantages of synthetic rattan furniture, so many people like it, including :

1. Plastic or POLYETHYLENE (PE) woven

2. The material is thicker so it is very strong

3. Have a variety of colors so you can choose according to taste

4. Has UV protection so it is safe if you are outdoors

5. Has a color guard so that the color will not fade easily

6. Very flexible because it is very light and easy to move

7. Price is not too expensive than other furniture

That is the advantage possessed by synthetic rattan furniture. So what are you waiting, immediately use synthetic rattan furniture for interior design in your room.

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